Felt Hats

Type of strategy: Brainstorming and DiscussionCollaborationGroup ManagementHumor and CelebrationManipulatives and ModelsMovementOpeners & Get to Know YouProcessingRole-Play, Drama, Charades

Learning styles: IN: Introversion and Intuition

Create hats as an Introduction opening activity that includes creativity, individualism, and a group component.


  1. Coordinator brings a felt circle for each participant that is 14" in diameter and an 8" hole cut out of the middle of the felt, and one long dress maker pin with a big head.
  2. After distributing the felt and pin to each participant, they need to design a hat using the felt and the pin--only one pin.  This hat will be a personal expression of their personality, learning style, job function, etc.
  3. Wear hats and go around room introducing themselves to one another.  Explain how the hat represents themself.
  4. Optional--Based on some similiarities they can form two to four groups and decide amongst themselves how to present a fashion show.  One of the group members will read the cards introducing other members in their hats while the person being introduced walks the runway.

WARNING--Get bunches of kids to cut out the holes and be prepared to lose the hats, because no one wants to give theirs up.


Rinda Montgomery Conwell

Submitted by: Rinda Montgomery Conwell