Electronic Sticky Notes

Type of strategy: Brainstorming and DiscussionGroup ManagementVisual Organizers

Learning styles: IS: Introversion and Sensing

Use linoit or wallwisher to post sticky notes to a collaborative board and then group and classify like ideas.


First check to be sure website is working.   Two options are www.wallwisher.com or www.linoit.com 

Prior to the use of this strategy

  1. Go to the website and make sure the website is accessible (not blocked)  and that it works ( Have had some difficulty with accessing wallwisher.com when coming back to it at a later date) 
  2. Create an account or log in
  3. Set up the "canvas" and find the link to the canvas
  4. Post the link to the "canvas" where participants can access it. 


During the exercise

  1. Direct users to the link 
  2. Pose the question  (ie what norms should we use for this group?)
  3. Have folks post their own stickies to the canvas
  4. Once they have posted their input-- then group and classify those that fit together and summarize.  (Move duplicates or like ones down to the bottom of the canvas) 

Suggestion- be sure to take a screen shot of the final canvas or record the information somewhere.  When using this once, when I went back to find the finished canvas on wallwisher, the website wasn't available, perhaps because too many people were trying to access it? -- it may be fixed now. 



Submitted by: Nancy Marks