Do Now Task

Type of strategy: CollaborationOpeners & Get to Know YouProcessing

Intended Audience: StudentsTeachers

The purpose of these short assignments is not learning new content but possibly reviewing from the prior day or filling time while attendance and the day's logistics are in progress. Use this morning time for collaboration.


From Edutopia blogger Dr. Lori Desautels:

As students enter the classroom, give them a baggie of three items and a number. The numbers pair the students. As the partners move to their area, they have seven minutes to design an invention with these three items.

On another day, students will be given a challenging social/emotional problem to solve together. This problem will be relevant to their ages and cultures. After seven minutes, they will need to share a joint solution with the class.

Not only will students begin to think about how they approach their thinking, they'll also get an opportunity to intentionally collaborate. You'll see how your students will benefit greatly from shared strategies and options.


Meta-Collaboration: Thinking with Another

Submitted by: Melissa Lim