Dinner Date

Type of strategy: Openers & Get to Know You

Intended Audience: StudentsTeachers

Learning styles: EN: Extraversion and IntuitionES: Extraversion and SensingIN: Introversion and IntuitionIS: Introversion and Sensing

A techie and fun take on the old "dinner date" question.


Pose the following question to the group: If you could have dinner with anyone, dead or alive, real or fiction who would it be? 

  • Particpants find & download a picture of their would-be dinner date 
  • Post the picture to a Padlet wall, inlcude...
    • in the title - particpants name & date's name
    • add a short description of why (optional)
  • After all participants have posted, whip around to share the individual posts aloud

Tools needed: laptop, tablet, or smartphone; Padlet account (with a wall created) 

Submitted by: Jennifer Scypinski