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Objective: Team members must move from one side of a circle to the other as quickly as possible.


Group Size: 8-30 people
Age Range: middle school – adult
Intensity: Mental=2, Physical=2
Time: 10-30 minutes
Space: Minimal – Medium -- Lots
Set Up Time: 1 minute
Props: Two shoe strings

Setup / Preparation

  1. Tie the two shoestrings into a circle.
  2. Place the circle on the ground in the center of the group.
  3. Join hands and stretch the group in a circle around the circle (everyone is evenly spaced).


  1. You must change places with the person directly across from you in the circle.
  2. You and your crossing partner must both step into the circle at the same time as you cross to the other side.
  3. You may not touch anyone at any time during this activity (includes clothing).
  4. Group members may not reposition themselves once the activity has
  5. If you have an odd number in your group, create a team of 3 who must
    change with each other (following the normal rules).


Some people may want to run in this activity, which might be dangerous if
they hit someone head on. If you suspect your group might create a headon
collision, don’t do this activity.


This is a deceptively simple looking activity…until you try it. If you have a group of 10 doing this activity it is relatively simple. If you have a group of 30, watch out! It’s very hard, mostly because a group that size has greater difficulty sharing ideas.


Because this activity asks the group to look for ways to continually improve, that opens the door for conversations around continuous improvement back in the “real world”. What insights on continuous improvement did you gain from your participation in this activity?


Time the attempts, set a record and break it.

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Submitted by: Jennifer Arns