Type of strategy: AssessmentBrainstorming and DiscussionGroup ManagementProcessingWriting and/or Reflection

Intended Audience: StudentsTeachers

Learning styles: EN: Extraversion and IntuitionES: Extraversion and SensingIN: Introversion and IntuitionIS: Introversion and Sensing

To get a clear reading on the perceptions of a group around a particular issue or question - in an anonymous way. 


Best Uses

When you want to:

  • Get a read on the views of the group.
  • Surface issues in a non-threatening way.
  • Measure change in a group over time.

Key Steps:

  1. Determine a question for the group that focuses them on the topic at hand. Write out the question at the top of a piece of flip chart paper, or slide. Some examples:
    • To what extent do you believe we are effectively integrating iPads in our classrooms? From 0% to 100%.
    • To what level do you believe we understand the Common Core Standards? From 0% to 100%.
  2. Down the left side of the chart, list percentages, starting from 100%, then 90%, 80%, 70% and so forth, down to 0%.
  3. Ask each particpant to take a sticky note (all the same size and color) and black marker and write down his/her honest response to the question.
  4. Participants hand their sticky notes to you.  Post the notes next to the corresponding percentages written on the chart. 
  5. Once all sticky notes have been posted, have participants look at the chart and make observations.



  • Make sure to preserve confidentiatlity.
  • Use the process serveral times during a training/meeting to see if progress is being made in the eyes of the participant by using a different color sticky note. For example, rate your fluency utlizing the iPad for instruction.  Then measure if they are more fluent at the end of a training.



  • Use allowing for participants to use their mobile devices to vote.
  • Use a Google Form to collect the data.


Submitted by: Jennifer Arns