Colored Dots

Type of strategy: Closings and Wrap Up

Use at the end of a teaching segment or end of a workshop to get participants to review notes/learning and identify what they plan to implement.


  • Provide each person with ¾" colored sticky dots – 3 Blue, 3 Yellow, and 3 Red.
  • Instruct participants to review notes and handouts and to place dots according to the following criteria:
    • Blue –“cool” idea (I’ll definitely try this!)
    • Yellow – interesting (I need time to think.)
    • Red – not my style, not for me, not yet ready for this
  • Tell participants they should place at least 1 blue and 1 yellow dot.
  • After an appropriate amount of time tell each person to find a new partner from a different table and share where they placed dots and why.

Submitted by: Jennifer Arns