The Chaos Activity

Type of strategy: Closings and Wrap UpEnergizers and State ChangersGroup ManagementMovementMusic, Rhythm, Rhyme, and RapOpeners & Get to Know You

Learning styles: EN: Extraversion and IntuitionES: Extraversion and Sensing

This is an energizing way for introductions or at the end of an activity. It is quick, requires a lot of movement and gets people back in their seats in no time.


Time Needed

30 seconds.

Materials Needed

Very upbeat music. This is not absolutely necessary, but it improves the quality of the activity. 

Group Size

Any size…the bigger, the better.


  • It is a fast way for a large group to intermix and meet a variety of people
  • It’s a great energetic way to end a session
  • It energize people
  • It's a fun way to get people back in their seats after an activity


Music will play and you get up and walk:

  • Everyone needs to touch one wall.
  • Everyone should wave or say "hi" to one person as they walk (or dance).

Music stops:

  • Everyone needs to sit down in a different seat from the one that they've sat in before
  • Introduce yourself to the people at your table

Helpful Hints

  • Set them off. Say “Ready! Steady! Go!” or something similar. If you don’t, they will just look at you with confusion. Make sure they all understand the three tasks. 
  • Play loud, upbeat music, after you say, “Go!” Just a quick tip for using music. Get the song ready. Don’t set them of running around and then start to look for the song. They will all be seated by the time you get the song going. Get the song ready, so you can just press the pause button or turn the volume higher.
  • Join them in these ice breaker games and have fun.

Submitted by: Jennifer Arns