Card Calling with NO OPT OUT

Type of strategy: AssessmentEnergizers and State ChangersGroup ManagementProcessing

A strategy that allows a teacher to keep the level of engagement HIGH when calling on students in a whole class setting.


Many teachers use popsicle sticks to call on students.  The problem is....when a student has been called, they know that they will not be called on again until all the sticks are gone. RESULT:  They tune out!


Solution:  Use the same strategy for calling on kids, but put their names on index cards.  As you call on students, constantly shuffle the cards as you circulate the room and speak.  If a student  has already been called, they can still be called again at any given moment.  Thus, the level of engagement for all students stays high.   



Pilot Butte Middle School Staff Training

Submitted by: Scott McDonald