Brainy Box

Type of strategy: AssessmentBrainstorming and DiscussionCollaborationManipulatives and ModelsOpeners & Get to Know YouProcessingVisual Organizers

Intended Audience: Students

Using an online tool and the six sides of a box, have students create a model that demonstrates their learning.


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  • Add text/multimedia to an animated cube
  • Use it to present or revise a key topic/person/theme
  • Embed into your own blog or website
  • Embed widgets and videos
  • Works on iPads and tablet devices
  • "Who" focus = Get students to produce a "Biography BrainyBox" covering five key aspects of a chosen character (the first side can be an image of them).
  • "What" focus - summarise a key topic with two text faces, two images, and two video clips and then present to the class.
  • "When" focus - summarise a key event across 6 slides, each looking at a different point in time.


Brainy Box

Submitted by: Melissa Lim