Book Creator

Type of strategy: AssessmentDrawing and ArtworkProcessingWriting and/or Reflection

Use Book Creator for the iPad to create an ebook that can be viewed in iBooks and in your library's online catalog.


This lesson was developed for a second grade classroom doing research projects on animals. Only seven iPads were available so stations were created through which students rotated.

1.  Divide students into four groups.

2.  Develop four stations. Examples:

  • Animal art
  • Partner reading about animals
  • Create book using Book Creator on iPads:  Students type in text, add images audio 
  • Research (gather information and images)

3.  As students rotate through stations, monitor progress.  

4.  When ebooks are complete in Book Creator, publish to Google Drive (ePub).

5.  The ePub file can be attached to your online library catalog and accessed as an ebook.  



Submitted by: Amy Page