Birds of a Feather

Type of strategy: Brainstorming and DiscussionCollaborationGroup ManagementProcessingVisual Organizers

Using giant stickie pads participants organize themselves into interest groups to discuss, study or learn about topics of choice.  Can be used for meal discussions, or to organize presentation


Provide giant stickie pads, large chart pens and a structure for participants to self-direct topics, and sessions of interest to learn or discuss.  Below are a couple different ways this has been used and attached is a picture of how it is organized.

Dinner Discussions

Sit at tables to loosely discuss how you implement specific technologies.  If you would like to choose a topic, put it on a stickie and place it on the wall.  Choose the table you want to sit at to discuss with your fellow colleagues.  (Office, open source, itouch, podcasting)

  1. Write the topic on a large stickie.  (Examples, using Word, open source, podcasting, etc)
  2. Put the stickie on the wall under the table you wish to facilitate (tables are N, S, E, W, Center, NW...)
  3. Colleagues take a look at the wall and decide which table you will eat at to join in on the discussion
  4. Provide essential questions for the small groups if you desire it to be more structured.  Some examples below.

Essential Question Ideas: 
What are the organizational strategies I use with this tool/technology?
What is the biggest roadblock for students using this tool/technology?
What is the greatest success for students using this tool/technology?
What resources have I found to be most useful?
What NETS does this meet?



In large groups where you will be having them do short presentations, this is used to visually show what the topic is, where and at what time.  The structure is provided up on the wall in advanced using blue tape and stickes (see attached picture)

  1. Presenters write their topic on a large stickie
  2. Presenters put their stickie with topic in a time and room on the large wall structure
  3. Participants spend time on a break viewing the topics and recording the sessions they want to attend (to aid participants give them a blank schedule in advance to fill in, template attached)
  4. Participants attend the session at the appropriate time and place.


Submitted by: Jennifer Arns