Balls Up

Type of strategy: AssessmentBrainstorming and DiscussionClosings and Wrap UpCollaborationEnergizers and State ChangersMovementOpeners & Get to Know YouProcessing

This activity can be a team building, pre-assessment or post-assessment activity.


Have people stand in a circle. A soft-type ball is passed to a participant and they have to tell something about themselves, tell what they already know about a topic or share something that they learned. When they are done, they toss the ball across the room. The person who catches it then gets to share. The ball gets tossed around the room until all participants have had the option to share. It can be limited to how many times it gets passed or use a time limit.  It's a great way to get participants to share/reflect and to be energized by a movement break!

Submitted by: Maureen Schlemko