Baggage Claim

Type of strategy: Group ManagementMovementOpeners & Get to Know You

Intended Audience: StudentsTeachers

People will find things out about each other before putting faces to names.


It’s best used with people who don’t know one another well because this gets them moving around and meeting each other.

1.     Pass out cards to participants and ask them to “pack their bags” by filling in the blanks.  
2.     Ask participants to walk around the room, shaking hands and introducing themselves to other participants in the following ways:
  • The first time each person shakes hands with another person, both participants will introduce themselves and tell each other what is in their bags (based on the information they wrote on the card).
  • The pair will then exchange “bags” and moves on to greet other participants.
  • As they greet other participants, they will shake hands and introduce themselves but explain that they have the wrong “bags.” They will then proceed to tell each other who their “bags” belong to and what’s in them, using the information on the cards they have in their hands.
  • After each meeting, they will “trade bags” and then move on to another participant
3.       At the end of three minutes, ask participants to stop.    
4.       If the group has twenty or fewer participants, you can ask participants to read the name of the person whose card they are holding, introduce that person by what’s in their bag, and return the card to that person so that everyone will eventually be holding their own “baggage” again.



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Submitted by: Darren Hudgins