Animal Sounds

Type of strategy: MovementOpeners & Get to Know You

Participants are blindfolded and assigned an animal.  The challenge is to use animal noises in order to meet up with other animals of the same type. 


Works with any group size over 10 and with large groups; the more the merrier.

Invite people into a circle.  Hand out blind-folds and help people to blind fold another.  Alternatively, ask for eyes closed.

Explain that each person will hear a whisper of an animal name.  Move around the group, giving each person the name of an animal (e.g., from the list below).  To save time, hand out pieces of paper with the name of the specific animal, or print the name on the back of their name tags, rather than whispering.

The challenge will be to find all other animals of one's own kind.  No-one can talk - only animal sounds can be made.

Very loud chaos ensues, then gradually order and unity emerges as animals find one another.

Be prepared to shepherd people from danger, but usually people are very safe with many not moving much, rather focusing on listening and calling out to others.

List of possible animals (aim to have 3 or more of each animal).  Note: Consider possible cultural issues if animal is sacred or offensive):

Wolf, Cat, Pig, Kangaroo, Snake, Lion, Crow, Monkey, Frog, Elephant


Submitted by: Kim Buchanan