Up and At 'Em

Type of strategy: CollaborationEnergizers and State ChangersMovementProcessing

Intended Audience: StudentsTeachers

Learning styles: EN: Extraversion and IntuitionES: Extraversion and Sensing

Use this activity to add energy and revisit content especially after lunch or an intense topic.


Objective: Share knowledge learned in a fun active setting.

Time: 5 minutes

Materials: Pre-printed question activity cards.


  1. Have each participant pair up with someone at another table, preferable someone they haven't had a chance to interact with yet, and then find a space in the room together.
  2. Provide each pair with several question activity cards (template below). While standing up, one person reads the card aloud. The partner answers the question while performing the activity listed on the card. 

Debrief: Have the group share any questions they struggled with or found especially thought-provoking. Discuss possible answers as a group.

Variations: Go paperless by putting the prompts on a slide and have the partners take turns.  For longer trainings and higher level Blooms, you could have participants write questions about the content learned.  Proof and use later. 


File upatem.docx


SCORE Volume 3: Super Closers, Openers, Revisiters, Energizers. Karen Carlson

Submitted by: Jennifer Arns