4 Steps to Success

Type of strategy: CollaborationProcessing

Learning styles: ES: Extraversion and Sensing

Groups of 4 develop a process or sequence in completing a task or problem


  1. Break into teams of 4.  
  2. Team determines the 4 steps in accomplishing the goal.
  3. Each person develops the details for one of the steps.  
  4. Team goes through entire process with each person doing their step.
  5. Members then rotate the step they carry out so that by the end of the activity each person has person has performed each step.

Adult Example: What are the four cadre goals?

  • Goal One: Technology Integration
  • Goal Two: Effective Professional Development
  • Goal Three: Technology Standards proficiency
  • Goal Four: Networking and Collaboration

Elementary Math Example:  solve  (4+3)*2+(3*8)

  • Step one: (4+3)=7
  • Step two: (3*8)=24
  • Step three: 7*2=14
  • Step four: 14+24=38

Biology: Cell Division (modify the exercise to be a 6 step solution and thus teams of 6):

  • Question: What are the 6 stages of Mitosis?
  • Stage one: interphase
  • Stage two: prophase
  • Stage three: prometaphase
  • Stage four: metaphase
  • Stage five: anaphase
  • Stage six: telophase

This is a great activity because each student gets to describe the different phases as they alternate which part they talk about.


Rob SaundersSteve Prull

Submitted by: Jennifer Arns