4 Corners

Type of strategy:
Humor and Celebration
Openers & Get to Know You
Learning styles:
ES: Extraversion and Sensing

This is a great opener that gets people moving to 4 corners of the room and allows the presenter to assess the skill levels of the participants.


You label the 4 corners of the room as follows

  • Dirt Road
  • Paved Road
  • Super Highway
  • Yellow Brick Road

Explain the levels of proficiency that go along with the roads. Start with a fun idea  like skiing, BBQing, Knitting.  Have participants move to the corner that represents their level of expertise.  Introduce themselves to someone new and explain why they put themselves in this group.  Then move on to your PD related skills - Web 2.0, Digital Storytelling, Photography, etc.

This strategy can be used as an opener to assess the participants skill level with what you will be teaching.


Submitted by:
Jennifer Gingerich


Melissa Garner's picture
Melissa Garner

I added photos to the Strategy. Dirt Road, Paved Road, and Superhighway are all CC0 licensed. The Yellow Brick Road photo is attribute and share alike CC licensed.