Native American Traditional Music - A Music Workshop Lesson

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Web page: Music Workshop

Grade levels: K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Content areas: Culturally Responsive Teaching, Elementary Ed, Music, Other, Secondary Ed, Social Studies

Topics: Native American, Native American students, Music, elementary, middle, music teacher

Type of resource: Lesson/Unit Plan

The Native American Traditional Music course is an exploration of some of the original music makers. Full of big sounds, handmade instruments and amazing musicians, Native American Traditional Music is used in ceremonies, storytelling, healing and so much more. We will learn about music from the twelve regions of Native American Tribes (or Nations). Students will experience many different Native American instruments like drums, rattles, rasps, flutes and vocals. Our Fun Facts in this course feature exciting introductions to Pow Wows and the Native American Music Awards.

Through Music Workshop, teachers access a free, innovative online music education program that exposes students to the world of music, including music history and appreciation, so that student are inspired to create their own musical path. Music Workshop consists of 19 courses (950 minutes of programming) covering musical genres, instruments, careers in music and culture. Our newest course, within the Culture series, is Native American Music Traditional Music. In every course students actively engage in learning through activities, guided questions and more. Teachers report that Music Workshop increases student engagement, encourages learning and improves active listening skills.

Each lesson is roughly 40-minutes long, segmented into four sections for flexibility. The lesson includes a video component and teacher-led Questions & Answers periods. All materials needed are available for download. To access the program, a teacher will need to set up an account on the Music Workshop website. The account and the program are completely free of charge and all resources are available to all teachers.