OEN Account Documentation

Educator Profiles Documentation Guide

If you plan to visit the Oregon Educator Network (OEN) more than once, creating an account helps you get the most out of the site. Your profile will allow you to join groups, participate in conversations with other educators, share resources, and rate resources and strategies that you find on the OEN. Make sure to sign in whenever you visit the OEN - the site will automatically flag new content since your last visit and show you content from any private groups that you belong to.

Creating an OEN Account

Click here to view video instructions for creating an OEN account.

Step by Step

    1. Click Join Now at the top of any page on the OEN.
    2. Fill in your name and email address.
    3. OPTIONAL:
      1. You may use your Google or Facebook account information to create a new OEN account.
    4. Click Create new account.
    5. Check your email and follow the link once you receive an email from the Oregon Educator Network.
    6. Create a password.
    7. Click Log In.
    8. Fill in profile information now, or scroll down to save and come back later to update your profile.
    9. Always click save after you make changes!

Editing your OEN Account

Your OEN account allows you to share as much or as little information about yourself as you would like. You can update your profile at any time to reflect new skills, add interests, or share more or less information.

Click here to view video instructions for adding a profile photo to your OEN account.

Step by Step

    1. Log in to your OEN account.
    2. Click the My Account button at the top of any page.
    3. Click Edit on the right side of the page.
    4. Scroll down to the section you wish to edit and make your changes.
    5. Scroll to the bottom of the page to save.

Adding a Photo to your OEN Profile

Adding a photo to your profile is a good way to make your account more unique as well as helping others recognize you. Even if you choose a photo of something other than yourself, others will see the photo when you post and begin to recognize your account.
Before adding a photo, make sure that your photo is a 4:3 ratio (any resolution that meets a 4:3 ratio will work) and/or can be cropped to meet the 4:3 landscape ratio. Some portrait photos may need to be adjusted before adding to OEN, otherwise important parts of the photo may be cropped out of view.

Click here to view video instructions for converting a portrait orientation photo to landscape orientation.

Step by Step

  1. Is your photo landscape orientation with a 4:3 ratio? (The first number in the ratio is the length or width of the photo and the second number is the height of the photo. Any resolution that meets a 4:3 ratio will work. For example 800x600 pixels is a 4:3 ratio.)
    1. If yes, use the instructions above for editing your OEN profile to add your photo.
    2. If no, continue using these instructions to use the Google Drawings tool to adjust your photo. You may also use any other photo editing tool to adjust your photo prior to adding it to OEN.
  2. Open your Google Drive and select New then select Google Drawings (you will need to hover over the “More” item in the menu to find this application).
  3. Go to File then select Page setup to check the size of your canvas. It should say “Standard 4:3.” If it does not, you can adjust the canvas size using the drop down menu.
  4. Drag and drop your photo onto the Google Drawings canvas.
  5. Resize the photo to take up as much of the canvas as you would like. While moving the photo on the canvas, red guide lines will appear when your photo is centered on the canvas.
  6. Right click in the blank space to add a background to your photo. You can choose a color that matches your photo, or one that contrasts.
  7. Once Google Drive has saved your photo, download it to your computer to add to your OEN profile.