Image Editing Tips

Images can be used on the Oregon Educator Network to make the resources and other items that you post more easily identifiable and more visually appealing. Images can be added to educator profiles, resources, groups, and events. Images are displayed on the OEN in a 4:3 format.

Preparing your Image

Images in a wide landscape orientation may not crop well when uploaded to the OEN. First, determine if your image is in landscape orientation (wider than it is tall) and a 4:3 aspect ratio. The first number in the ratio is the length or width of the image, and the second number is the height of the image. Any resolution that meets a 4:3 ratio will work. For example, 800x600 pixels is a 4:3 ratio. If your image is not landscape orientation or in a 4:3 ratio, the following steps will allow you to edit your image using the free Google Drawings tool in the Google Suite. Alternately, you can use any image editing software to edit your image to a 4:3 aspect ratio.

  1. Open your Google Drive and select New, then select Google Drawings (you will need to hover over the "More" item in the menu to find this application).
  2. Go to File, then select Page setup to check the size of your canvas. It should say "Standard 4:3." If it does not, you can adjust the canvas size using the drop down menu.
  3. Drag and drop your image onto the Google Drawings canvas.
  4. Resize the photo to take up as much of the canvas as you would like. While moving the image on the canvas, red lines will appear when your image is centered on the canvas.
  5. Right click in the blank space around your image to add a background. You can choose a color that matches your image, or one that contrasts.
  6. Once Google Drive has saved your image, download and save it to your computer so that it is accessible to add to your OEN profile, resource, or group.

The video linked below also includes step by step instructions for editing an image to use on the OEN. Follow along with the video if you prefer visual instructions.
Video Tutorial: Step by Step Instructions to Edit your Image