Tribal Attendance Pilot Project Symposium Reminder

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Chronic absenteeism matters!

In 2015, the Oregon Department of Education launched the Tribal Attendance Pilot Project (TAPP) to address chronic absenteeism among American Indian/Alaska Native students in Oregon. For the past two years, Oregon’s nine federally recognized tribes have been collaborating with local school districts and the Oregon Department of Education to pilot strategies to increase attendance rates among Oregon’s American Indian/Alaska Native youth.

According to Upstream Public Health, as of 2014, more than one fifth of K-12 students in Oregon missed a month or more of school each year (Henderson et al., 2014). This trend is considered “chronic absence,” or missing 10% or more of school days in an academic year (Henderson et al., 2014). This is problematic given that chronic absenteeism impacts academic performance and eventual dropout (Ginsburg et al., 2014, Henderson et al., 2014). Fortunately, chronic absenteeism can be addressed through collaborative and integrated efforts (Henderson et al, 2014).

Please join us for the Tribal Attendance Pilot Project Symposium on May 24th and 25th at Roth’s Fresh Markets to learn from the TAPP sites about the implementation of the program. TAPP site leaders will discuss how they tailored their approaches to increasing student attendance to their local populations, successes and challenges in the implementation of TAPP and plans for sustainability of the program. While intended to address chronic absenteeism among Oregon’s American Indian/Alaska Native students, this symposium provides an opportunity to learn about strategies to promote attendance across demographic groups. Come learn about one pilot program’s efforts to increase student attendance and consider strategies you might be able to help support or implement in Oregon’s schools.

Tribal Attendance Pilot Project Symposium May 24th and 25th 8:00 am – 4:00 pm Roth’s Fresh Markets 1130 Wallace Road, Salem, Or

If you want to learn more about chronic absenteeism on a national level, the United States Department of Education has created a unique resource to learn about chronic absenteeism in the nation’s schools.


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