SB 13 Tribal History/Shared History Online PD Available Starting October 9, 2020

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SB 13 Tribal History/Shared History Online Professional Development Courses Available starting Friday, October 9th

Note: There is no registration process. However, participants will need to establish an iLearn account.

Watch this video for an introduction to the SB 13 Tribal History/Shared History online courses from the Office of Indian Education and to learn how to set up your iLearn account:

Review the iLearn account instructions sheet (either the text with screen shot images version or text-only version) to establish an iLearn account (PDF’s attached).

Once you have an iLearn account established you will be able to access both courses on or after October 9th. Note: The courses will not be accessible in iLearn before then.

One point of clarification, the two courses are not live, but instead can be completed asynchronously, individually and/or in a group setting for engagement/reflection/discussion. If you would like PDU’s for taking the courses, you will need to complete them individually.

Below are descriptions of the two professional development courses that will be available beginning Friday, October 9:

SB 13 Tribal History/Shared History Inservice Course

(about 4-5 hours depending on the participant and if this is done in a group setting it could take slightly longer depending on how the discussion/engagement/reflection process goes) - This is a storyboard project of short videos including presentations on the background of Senate Bill (SB) 13 Tribal History / Shared History, The Essential Understandings of Native Americans in Oregon process, The 6 P’s (Critical Orientations for Indigenous Studies Curriculum), Tribal place-based curricula as well as lesson modeling demonstrations. These presentations will be recorded for anytime access and participants can earn PDUs for completion.

Module 1 – SB13 Tribal History/Share History Online Professional Development Course

(about 2 hours - 1 hour per EU) - This online course will be the first of a series of interactive online PD focusing on the Essential Understandings of Native Americans in Oregon as well as the Critical Orientations for Indigenous Studies Curriculum. This first series release on October 9th will be Essential Understandings (EU’s) 1 and 2 (of 9). The remaining EU’s (3-9) will be released in weeks following October 9th.

Thank you for your time in reading this information and we hope you enjoy the SB 13 Tribal History/Shared History online professional development courses!