Module 2 SB 13 Online PD Release - Monday, November 2nd!

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Trinity Minahan

Greetings, We are pleased to announce the New Release of our next online professional development course as part of our virtual asynchronous learning series: SB 13 Tribal History/Shared History Module 2 Online Course

Course Description: The objective of this online professional development course is to: provide an understanding of the Essential Understandings of Native Americans in Oregon. This course covers Essential Understanding 3: History and Essential Understanding 4: Tribal Government of the nine (9) Essential Understandings. It is designed to support educators in building a foundation for teaching, training, and serving as a source of support, knowledge, and advocacy within their school, district, or organization for the Senate Bill 13 Tribal History/Shared History curriculum.

*Time Estimation: Approximately 2 hours - depending on whether it is completed individually or in a group setting (PDU certificate available for completion).

If you need assistance with establishing an iLearn account, please watch the introductory video: SB13 Professional Development Courses Introduction with iLearn Instructions on the ODE SB 13 Tribal History/Shared History website (under Professional Development):

If you already have an iLearn account, you can follow this link directly to the course (upon login): Module 2 – SB13 Tribal History / Shared History Online Professional Development Course

We will continue releasing online course modules through December 2020! These courses will be available for viewing on demand and free through iLearn. Thank you all for your continued dedication and support of the implementation of SB 13 Tribal History/Shared History. We are truly grateful.

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