Summer Reflection

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Ross Davis

Over the summer, I did a lot of reflecting on our learning prior to the end of school. That quadrant map really stuck with me. I kept thinking about the “with,” and tried to constantly reflect in my parenting which mode best defined my approach. Over time, I witnessed much less “to,” and a significant gain in my mastery of using a “with” approach. Over a surprisingly short period of time, I noticed far more cooperation and independence in my 5-year old. I experienced almost zero power struggles any longer, and I am happy to report that my house feels much less chaotic.

Now that I am back to work, I am noticing a hunger for restorative practices in the educators I have interacted with.

My question is what thoughts have all of you had since our training? Has anyone landed on some way that you could practice what we learned?


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Colleen Henry

Great question, Ross! I’m excited to add Restorative Practices to my school’s MTSS and thankful to have Jessica to coordinate these services in our school community.

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Jessica Long

I’ve been thinking about how we can empower EAs to implement informal restorative practices simply, as a preventative measure, when they’re noticing the students they work with starting to progress down the escalation cycle. A simple addition with steps on their lanyard perhaps with options. Something along the lines of a multiple choice restorative options card and then another card with the questions for the informal conference.

But I’ve also thought about how we can incorporate restorative messaging in classrooms, hallways and in daily contact with students. I’ve been brainstorming possible poster and bulletin board ideas.

I was excited about getting the questions for the informal conferences since we were doing a version of them already, but with the common language throughout the school, I’m excited to have the consistency. I’m also thinking about having a larger sized laminated copy of the questions for students to see and use.

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Joel D. Lavin


I have been thinking deeply about how to incorporate RJ into the discipline handbook at my new building. There are hints about RJ used in my building, which is good. My next steps are to begin to have conversations at the district level and to have similar conversations with staff in my building.

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Meridith Kidder

Georgiann and I will be presenting a few valuable takeaways from the training during Preview Days. I really wish we had the blue book from the first day’s training. I took good notes, but I wish I had more source material .

Are the blue books available now, or do we know when they will be made available?

Our teachers want visuals and tools. The Social Discipline Window and Restorative Questions seem like great places to start.

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Jessica Long

Meridith - I found those visuals on the IIRP website to insert into a “Restorative Justice 101” presentation. The link to the (heavily) abbreviated section descriptions has the visuals as you move through the lessons. If you right-click the image you can save it or copy it and paste it into your presentation. Click the link here: Lesson Visuals

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Jessica Long

Some of the visuals in the link: