Core Assumptions of Personalized Learning

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Vanessa Clark

What happens when a school district implements personalized learning and it doesn't work? This article from EdSurge discusses what some Atlanta educators are doing to help their staff by reflecting and re-emphasizing the key pieces of personalized learning: that personalizing learning is a verb rather than a noun, and that it is tied to the older education concept of "gradual release of responsibility." 

Dan Meyer and Mary Jo Madda chimed in to join the conversation and will be participating in a livestreamed discussion next Tuesday, September 5 at 4:00pm PT. Watch the live chat and ask questions by joining here next week. 


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Jennell Ives

Students setting goals that are personally meaningful is one of the most powerful aspects of personalized learning. This article from a 5th grade teacher in Louisiana highlights the importance of making time to conference with each student in the class and learn about their dreams and aspirations as the student and teacher developing learning goals.