Your Input Needed on Oregon's CTE State Plan

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Your Voice Matters

Career Technical Education (CTE) positively affects thousands of youth and adults each year giving them skills to apply their knowledge in ways that build Oregon’s economy and communities. Oregon is creating a new CTE State Plan to drive our work over the next four years to achieve our vision. Oregon will reimagine and transform learner experiences in order to enhance their future prospects, empower their communities, and build equity in an inclusive, sustainable, innovation-based economy. Your input is needed. We have been developing draft goals and an outline of Oregon’s CTE State Plan with stakeholders for the past seven months. Now, we need your input and feedback to strengthen our plan. Please review our vision and goals for the next four years and provide your feedback through either the online survey or listening session. . Thank you for your commitment to providing quality equitable Career and Technical Education in Oregon. Together, we can improve and expand our system for career and technical education and achieve our vision.

How to Share Your Voice

After viewing the introductory video and the draft goals for the CTE State Plan, please review the special topics summaries below based on your interest and role. Next, click here or anywhere you see the CTE State Plan Feedback link to share your voice in this critical work. As you finish one topic, feel free to review another. You may review any and all topics that fall within your interests. We are very interested in hearing what you have to say. Our CTE State Plan will be better if everyone has a voice in its development. Provide Feedback and Input to Oregon’s CTE State Plan at: CTE State Plan Feedback

Overview of the CTE State Plan

Work-Based Learning in CTE

Work-Based Learning Definition for CTE State Plan

Shifts: Perkins IV to Perkins V

Equity and Access in CTE

Career Exploration and Guidance

CTE Teacher Recruitment and Retention

Fiscal Guidance and Support

CTE Program Approval and Improvement

CTE Programs: Size, Scope, and Quality Evidence

CTE Programs: Program Quality Rubric

Please provide input through the online survey or in person meetings. You can provide input on the overall direction of our plan or on a specific components. We will be drafting our final plan based on feedback in December and presenting the plan to the Oregon State Board of Education at their January Board meeting.