Summer Opportunity (June 20): Oregon ShakeAlert (Earthquake Early Warning) Education Symposium

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Jennifer Mayo

Attached is a flyer announcing the Oregon ShakeAlert (Earthquake Early Warning) Education Symposium that will be held at OMSI in Portland on June 20. As described on the flyer, this symposium will be of special interest to K-12 teachers of Earth Science but also to school district safety officers and administrators. Registration

ShakeAlert is in beta testing in California and the system is being installed in Oregon and Washington. The ShakeAlert system can detect an earthquake within seconds then broadcast an early warning before potentially damaging earthquake ground shaking arrives. The implications for enhancing earthquake preparedness and resilience in K-12 schools are tremendous.

As with so many technological innovations, public education is critical to implementation. And K-12 students are young citizens who often learn new science and technology in school then bring that knowledge to their parents and siblings. A growing collection of educational resources that Earth Science and other teachers can use to bring Earthquake Early Warning science to their classrooms has been developed by geoscience educators. These include inquiry-driven classroom activities aligned with NGSS. The June 20 symposium is an opportunity for teachers to learn about Earthquake Early Warning science and the educational resources they can use to introduce their students to ShakeAlert. A bonus for K-12 teachers attending the full-day symposium will be the award of 8 professional development units from the STEM Education and Outreach Center at the University of Portland.