Request for Proposals Funding is available for NCSE Teacher Ambassador-Led Professional Development Workshops

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Funding is available for NCSE Teacher Ambassador-Led Professional Development Workshops

● Teaching Climate Change with Confidence and Without Conflict

● Teaching Evolution with Confidence and Without Conflict

Teaching topics that are scientifically settled but societally controversial–specifically climate change and evolution–can be difficult. The National Center for Science Education (NCSE) can help.

NCSE is offering funding for a limited number of professional development workshops specifically focused on teaching evolution and climate change effectively and confidently. Proposals can be submitted by single schools, school districts, collaboration of districts, or other area cooperatives. Funding can cover participant stipends, substitutes, materials, meals and refreshments, and limited travel.

We will work with successful applicants to develop a budget that meets your needs.

Here are some questions you should consider while developing your proposal. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions: And go here for more background about NCSE and the Teacher Ambassador Program.

● What are your professional development goals with respect to evolution or climate change?

● What are the main challenges teaching these topics in your district or school?

● Tell us a little bit about how professional development works in your district or school. Is it voluntary or mandated? Are there specific dates, times or formats that must be adhered to?

● What kind of workshop would be ideal for you?

● How will you recruit teacher participants?

● Please describe how your district or school compensates teachers for professional development.

● What do you hope to achieve if you receive funding for an NCSE Teacher Ambassador Workshop?

NCSE continuously evaluates the effectiveness of our lessons through pre- and post-assessment of student learning outcomes. Would it be possible for some or all of your teacher participants to participate in this assessment process?

See attached flyer for more information, including link to funding application.