Opportunity with ODE: Performance Task Writing

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Performance Task Writing Recruitment ODE is currently revising Science Local Performance Assessment resources to align to the Next Generation Science Standards. As a part of that work, ODE is recruiting a group of educators to create a small bank of science performance tasks. Current committee members are seeking additional team partners to assist in that work. Selected participants will be paid for up to 20 hours at the ODE hourly rate and receive district reimbursement for a substitute to attend a 1-day in-person meeting. Item writers are expected to: • Complete a recruitment survey, and additional temporary employee paperwork/forms • Work remotely outside of school time • Attend/Watch an online task development professional learning webinar • Complete state sexual harassment training required for all state employees and committee members • Develop open source science assessment task(s) aligned to 2014 Oregon Science Standards • Peer review 5 tasks created by other teams

Tasks should include: • A phenomenon: Familiar to grade band students for who the task is designed. • Student prompts/questions that allow the student to provide evidence for the knowledge and skills identified in the standard (all 3 dimensions). Dimensions should be intertwined within the task. • Scoring: What would be indicative of an appropriate response for the prompts/questions provided?

NEW Timeline: • Friday, March 15: Task Development Webinar • Friday, March 22: Select and record the performance expectation you will be writing a task for in the google folder (to be shared during meeting on 3/15/19). • Friday, April 5 : Submit your rough draft • Thursday, April 11: In-Person collaborative work time and Open Source Professional Learning at Willamette ESD in Salem (Optional) More info. will be provided. • Friday, April 19: Submit your second draft • Friday, April 19-Friday, April 26: Remote peer review tasks • Friday, May 10: Final edits and submission