May 9-10: Oregon Indian Education Association Annual Conference in Eugene

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Jennifer Mayo

This year’s Oregon Indian Education Association (OIEA) conference This year’s Oregon Indian Education Association (OIEA) conference focuses on the theme “Creating Spaces for Indigenous Education: Sharing our Struggles, Celebrating our Successes.” Through this theme, the OIEA conference seeks to recognize the countless ways Indigenous educators and communities create space for Indigenous education. Despite limited resources or a lack of institutional supports, Indigenous educators work tirelessly to create spaces that affirm Indigenous students, communities, and nations, and that recognize the importance of Indigenous languages, lifeways, and knowledges. We have started clubs, programs, and schools, created curriculum, and advocated for educational policy to reflect our priorities. This legacy of Indigenous education reflects important survivance work that should be shared and celebrated! Proposals for conference sessions are welcome through 5PM, April 1, 2019.