Instructional Leadership for Science Practices

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Content areas: Science

Topics: Scientific & Engineering Practices

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Effective integration of science practices in classrooms requires instructional leadership to support that change. Instructional leaders can include a variety of different individuals including, but not limited to, school principals, district leaders, coaches and lead teachers. Included in this website are tools to help support the effective implementation of the Science Practices. Examples of how these tools can be used are found in the case studies.


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Lori Lancaster

On this page are resources or “tools” to support supervisors and teachers in evaluating and improving classroom instruction of science practices. The tools are organized in three sections: 1. Science Practices Definitions and Examples, 2. Resources for Supervision, and 3. Resources for Instruction. For a more detailed explanation of the 8 NGSS science practices, see Appendix F of NGSS.