LearningExpress Library Offers Math Skills Practice for Elem, MS, & HS Plus AP Calculus Test Prep

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Mark Freed

LearningExpress Library (LEL) is a test-prep and skill-building database available to all Oregonians. The K-12 access point is via the Find Information page on OSLIS for ELEMENTARY (http://elementary.oslis.org/find-information) & SECONDARY (http://secondary.oslis.org/find-information) sites, or via the Oregon Career Information System for schools that subscribe to it. Different centers within LEL cover different topics. The School Center offers upper elementary, middle school, and high school Common Core-aligned math skills practice and explanations on topics ranging from number and operations to geometry and functions to statistics and probability. If students use Practice mode, they can see answer explanations after they are finished with the entire test. Or, they can use Learner mode to see answers to each question as they go along. Also, the College Preparation Center offers practice exams to help students prepare for a variety of Advanced Placement tests, including AP calculus. Watch the user guides for a quick way to learn how to use LearningExpress Library, and distribute this handout to help students create an account. There’s also a 45-minute webinar recorded in November.

Questions? Contact your library staff or Jennifer Maurer jennifer.maurer@state.or.us, School Library Consultant at the State Library in Salem.