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Statistics in Schools: Bringing Real-Life Data to Your Classrooms Wednesday, November 6 at 5:30 pm Eastern Time/ 2:30 pm Pacific Time

This webinar will also be of interest to those teaching introductory undergraduate statistics. To RSVP to participate in the live webinar, please use the following link

This presentation will highlight the benefits of Statistics in Schools, a free K-12 program offered by the U.S. Census Bureau. Participants will leave this session equipped with knowledge about how they can bring real-life data into their classroom through materials available entirely online. Presenters will also discuss new materials available to help teach about the upcoming 2020 Census.

Jessica Palmer works on the Statistics in Schools (SIS) program at the U.S. Census Bureau and has 10 years of federal government experience. She joined the program in 2012 and enjoys working with teachers to develop educational materials for the classroom using real-life census data as well as working with partners to spread awareness about the program. Heidi Crawford has worked for the U.S. Census Bureau for 20 years and currently serves as a Program Liaison with the Statistics in Schools Program (SIS). Heidi’s primary focus is outreach and engagement with pre-K-12 educational organizations. The SIS program provides free materials to improve students’ statistical literacy and prepare them for an increasingly data-driven world. Heidi received her B.S. in Environmental Geography from Ohio University.

We are offering this webinar without charge and only internet and telephone access are necessary to participate. This webinar series was developed as part of the follow-up activities to the Meeting Within a Meeting (MWM) Workshop for Math and Science teachers held in conjunction with the Joint Statistical Meetings ( MWM will be held again in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on August 4-5, 2020. For those unavailable to participate in the live webinar, we will record this webinar and make it available after the live presentation. Previous webinar recordings are available at

There are other free K-12 statistics education resources available at and a free, one-year trial ASA membership for K-12 teachers is available at The latest issue of Statistics Teacher is also available at We hope you might submit articles and lesson plans.