Oregon World of Work (WOW) Week is Dec 10th-14th

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Mark Freed

Use these waning days of the year to connect your kids with local Oregon industries!

Join an Oregon WOW Week Industry Chat & Get entered into raffle to win an awesome prize!

There is so much to learn about careers right here in Oregon!

Join Oregon World of Work Week to introduce your students to local jobs involving transistors, drones, 3D printing, and more.

For more information, please visit: https://oregonconnections.nepris.com/
Having trouble registering? Please email support@oregonconnections.org

Don’t have an Oregon Connections account?
1. Sign up for Oregon Connections here: https://oregonconnections.nepris.com/account/signup/signup
2. After you login into Oregon Connections, the easiest route is to go back to this email and click on the Industry Chat that you wish to sign up for
3. Click “Yes, Sign me up!”
4. If that does not work, once registered and logged in, please follow this link to view ALL Upcoming Industry Chats

If you already had a license in the past, but it is now expired, please contact Penny Jahraus support@oregonconnections.org right away, so that we can get you access.