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Start preparing now for the Econ Challenge!

Every March, the OR Council on Economic Education puts on the Economic Challenge. This is a fun and stimulating competition, providing an opportunity for students to “strut their stuff” and show how much Economics knowledge they have. Read below what other teachers have said about the competition;

Rick Bortnick; Westview High School; Oct 20, 2018

I have been doing the Fed Challenge for over 17 years and my students have found it to be a great benefit.

  • They get to compete in a national test to test their knowledge of economics prior to the AP exams. That means they get to review the microeconomics and macroeconomics materials and better prepare for the exams. Over the years every student who has completed has scored a 4 or 5 on both exams.

  • My students who competed last year enjoyed the experience so much that they are starting a club, specifically designed to prepare for the challenge. I was skeptical, however they have over 40 people signed up. This is a first for Westview.

  • Lastly, I truly believe in the competition. It has been a great motivator for my students, many who have gone on to major in Economics in the college of their choice.

Dan Eizyk, Lake Oswego High School October 19, 2018

I’d say that it is a very good opportunity for students to review and assess their knowledge of economics in a friendly, competitive, and extremely easy to use way. I had never heard about it before last year and was afraid it might take me a lot of time to learn how to use- but the website does it all for you! My students loved the practice quizzes, because they helped them out on my tests in class, and it also gave those students some “bragging rights” that made learning fun. On the day of the first round test, I couldn’t believe how many students voluntarily showed up to take the online test- I had a room full of kids after school! Then when our top team was asked to compete in the state competition- everyone was rooting for them. It motivated these kids to go even deeper into the content, on their own time, which as a teacher is something that can be challenging to do. All of my students who participated in the ECON CHALLENGE passed their AP Macro and Micro exams also, which is a testament on the quality of questions your assessments asked. It was so much fun, that in the beginning of this year, I already had kids and parents asking me if I was going to participate again. Of course, we are going to, it’s great!

Mike Baird, Enterprise High School October 18, 2018

The Economics Challenge is an activity the I have had students participate in for many years. I was fortunate enough to have had student’s qualify for regional competitions in both San Francisco and Los Angeles. Enterprise High School is a small (150 students) public high school and I am extremely proud of my students whenever they can successfully compete at the same level as the large and mostly private schools that typically have made up the majority of the schools competing in the Economic Challenge. I am a firm believer in the need to teach students economics concepts. … . the Econ Challenge is in my opinion a vital part of my self-evaluation of how well I am doing at providing a relevant economics course for my students. The Economics Challenge provides my students, who are leaders in the classroom, an opportunity to display their academic prowess. This program is too important to lose. I encourage all parties who have an opportunity to contribute to the revival and future success of this program to step up and ensure that economics education remains a strong part of all Oregon students’ education.

Active sign ups will be available starting Jan 2019. To learn more about this competition, visit our web site; www.econoregon.org or contact Jesse Kurtz-Nicholl at; jessekn@gmail.com or contact@econoregon.org