Final Content Panel Recruitment - Application closes 8/30/19

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Mark Freed

This month in August, we are having a second requirement for additional panelists who may have missed the opportunity this past spring.  The application will remain open until 8/30/2019, and applicants will have until the first week of September to complete the orientation.  After that point we will work on finalizing all the grade level groups and send accepted panelists information how to log into Canvas the second week of September. 

With this in mind, please nominate or encourage educators you know of the opportunity.  In particular it would be outstanding to have additional panelist in the following areas:

Grade level balance – Welcome additional K-3 and 6-8 panelists in particular Regional representation – Welcome additional panelists from Eastern, Southern, Central, and Coastal regions Community representation – Welcome additional educators of color including African American/Black, Hispanic/Latino, and American Indian/Alaska Native nominees.  Feel free to also let me know if there may be additional voices and perspectives we should consider as well as we form the content panel.

If you are interested in this work, the please use this link to the application form to apply for the content panel.  

After 8/30/19, this application close for additional applicants. The public draft is scheduled to be posted in April 2020, so feedback will be open to all educators at that time. Interested panelists will be contacted by the first week in September with further information about the selection process and any additional information that may need to be collected for the final section of the panels.

Any questions about this work can also be sent to Mark Freed, ODE Mathematics Education Specialist, at