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Thursday February 21 from 3 to 5 PM
Stephanie Blair, a Desmos Fellow and former district math specialist, will be presenting about Desmos VIA GOOGLE HANGOUTS again. Please email to sign up. Sign up soon, as limited spots are available. Earn 2 PDU’S. You may win a $5 Amazon Gift card!

Flyer Link:
ALL math teachers K-college ARE WELCOME!
Session’s Lessons
Lesson 1: 3-4 PM Pre-calculus Lesson – Designed for advanced math teachers
Lesson 2: 4-5 PM Linear Equations Lesson – Designed for middle and high school teachers
Registration: In your sign-up request, please supply us with both your email address, a phone we can reach with, and what sessions you want.
Contacts: Aleta Doss, (503) 826-8286), Jerry Young, (503) 708-1464

During the session itself it would be easiest for Aleta to monitor email and Jerry to monitor the phone calls. =-)
Details: Electronic logins are limited to 25, register as soon as possible!!
1. If you haven’t done so, please supply us with both your email address and, if you would like, a phone number we can reach you.
2. If you have not done it recently, upgrade “Google Chrome” on the computer you will be using in the workshop.
3. Aleta’s school ends at 2:45 PM, but she will do her best to open the hangout session 10 minutes early so that those who new to the technology can log in early if desired.
4. Here is the link: (Please sign up ASAP as only 25 slots are available.)
If there are problems with the link, Aleta may send out another and/or an invitation.