Courses in Middle School Math For Teachers at Portland State University

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Are you interested in learning more about teaching middle school mathematics? Are you teaching elementary school and would like to learn more about what your students will learn next? Are you teaching High School and would like to strengthen your foundation? Are you interested in changing your pedagogy?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions then our classes may be right for you. The PSU math department offers 6 four-credit courses in Middle School Mathematics for Teachers which lead to a certificate.

o Courses focus on using middle school math to make sense of and address real world problems and questions.
o The courses involve active engagement in problem solving and discussions about the mathematics at hand as well as about pedagogical considerations.
o Courses can be taking individually or towards a Graduate Certificate in Mathematics for Middle School Mathematics Teachers. o During the school year one course is offered each term, typically on Thursdays at 5:30. o The courses are 4 credits each and can be taken at the graduate or undergraduate level.
o Part of each course (1 credit or more) is taught online, so class sessions are typically 150 minutes long.

Course Offerings:

o Teaching and Learning in the Middle School Mathematics Classroom (Next offered Winter 2019)
o Geometry for Middle School Teachers (Next Offered Winter 2020)
o Concepts of Calculus for Middle School Teachers (Next Offered Spring 2020)
o Experimental Probability and Statistics for Middle School Teachers (Next Offered Fall 2019)
o Arithmetic and Algebraic Structures for Middle School Teachers (Next Offered Spring 2019)
o Historical Topics in Mathematics for Middle School Teachers (Next Offered Fall 2018)

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