Triple E Framework

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We will use this Discussion Thread to share our our learning of the Triple E Framework:


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christopher giles

Hey friends, here is one of the original articles for TPACK, totally worth your time reading!!

What Is Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK)?

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Bryan Freschi

Lincoln County SD - What we KNEW and found to be NEW about The Triple E Framework:

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Here is our photo

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Justin Huntley

See attachement

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Tavia Clark

This is what we knew and what was new about the triple e framework.

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Carolyn Kirschmann

Carolyn, Amy, Kristen, Jessica

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Mike Brown

Triple E - Knew/New Chart

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Michelle Edwards

TTSD addition

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Vince Dye

It is not intro and ready to get into the details.

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Teresa Heide

Knew & New poster

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Jennifer Larson

Our table would like to share our Knew/New Tchart.

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Mary Sizemore

Packed full of information and looks to be a useful tool.

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Nichole Carter

In terms of looking at sketchnotes, I just want to make sure people know there are a lot of resources available about starting sketchnoting in your classroom ( get started in class tomorrow ) there are six basics of sketchnotes: 1.icons and symbols 2. drawing people 3. Fonts 4. arrows/connectors 5. Dividers 6. frames/containers.

You are building hierarchy in your notes through the use of these six basic things. Yes they should be visual, but they are meant for you to consume- they make sense to you and that is what matters. No right or wrong way, use text, use images, use containers to build your own graphic organization.

Retention rate is increased when using this style, and is especially great with ELL students and language acquisition ( Dual Coding Theory). Please let me know if you are at all interested in diving deeper into this. Students are introduced to the standard of note taking in third grade but are largely not giving direct instruction in how to take notes.