Technology and Makerspaces

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Sudi Stodola

I just got done touring about a half-dozen makerspaces in the Beaverton school district and I propose we add that option to our learning walks. I found it really exciting to see how libraries are rethinking the paradigm in a way that keeps the library relevant and promotes equity of access to technology so that all students, not just students who can sign up for a specific class, are able to create, make, and innovate in ways we may not have anticipated.

The best part of the tour was seeing how the makerspace impacts the culture of the entire school, and is not confined to a specific classroom.


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Justin Huntley

I would be interested in seeing that. I was sorry that I was not able to attend the Tinker. Code. Make.

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Sudi Stodola

I was sorry to miss it too. Everything is just an extra hour away when you live on the coast! :-)

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Nichole Carter

We just made this website to help people work through creating a Makerspace and how to fill it, staff it, and work it into the curriculum. Feel free to go through it- it is meant as a sort of online course. Please let me know if you have any issues or questions. I am glad you were able to come through a few spaces last year.