Staying Up To Date on Digital Learning

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Vanessa Clark

How do you stay up to date on digital learning? What blogs, twitter accounts, social media, or other resources do you follow to stay up to date?

The resources from this thread have been compiled into a spreadsheet to help people connect with them. Feel free to add to the spreadsheet if you find a new resource to help you stay up to date!


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Jennifer Gingerich

I subscribe to several sites- Edutopia, Laureate Team at Teaching Channel, Cult of Pedagogy. I also use diigo and have subscribed to several ed tech groups, which allows me to receive a weekly email of the sites others have bookmarked and their notations. Finally, I network with colleagues through Google + , email, and face to face to conversations.

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Jennifer Scypinski

I follow several people on Twitter, listen to podcasts (one of my favorites is Google Teacher Tribe - waiting for new ones), and get email updates from Common Sense Media and a variety of others (can’t remember the names).

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Linda Vanderford

Talk with others on the leadership team and cadre members to get ideas and attend conferences/workshops to see what people around the country are using.

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Scott McDonald

twitter is everything education to me! tony vincent, friday institute, teacher2teacher

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Carla Wade

LinkedIn Conversations/posts
Joe Buglione

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Robin Shobe

ISTE; ASCD; Center on Technology & Disability; Pepperdine Learning Technologies (Graduate School Cadres) Closed FB Group; American Speech and Hearing Association/Oregon Speech & Hearing Association; Google Scholar; Education Week; Edutopia

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Joe Buglione

One of my favorite resources is educational pedagogy, from Jennifer Gonzalez called the Cult of Pedagogy.

A second resource is twitter reads, of which a person that provides many great ideas is George Couros; FYI will be keynoting at IETA this February.

A third resource is a subscription to some posts on ScoopIt, which I’ve kept because the emails come to my inbox daily. The gal that posts many new ideas is Ana Christina Pratas.

A fourth resource is this organization, the state ed tech cadre and connections made here. With this come some great conferences like IETA, IntegratED, and more.

Finally, the most important connection is being in classrooms and visiting with teachers in our region. We have over 80 schools, 15 districts, and I’m in many of them watching, listening, observing then sharing what works between colleagues.

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Amber Utter

I got the chance to see George Couros in person and I read his book he is AMAZING!

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Vanessa Clark

I receive email newsletters from Canvas, EdSurge (higher ed), SETDA, Education Week, and OER Digest. I also follow several Twitter accounts that are run by Ed Tech leaders or educators who are innovative about using educational technology and open educational resources. A few of those are @OfficeofEdTech, @OpenStax, @openeducationweek, @DPLA, @SPARC_NA, @audreywatters, @actualham, @officialDLDay, @funnymonkey... I also Medium to start on one blog and find other bloggers that are relevant to what I'm looking for at the time.

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Melissa Lim

I mainly use Twitter and my RSS aggregator to get news, ideas and resources about learning, teaching and technology. Also subscribe to newsletters. I follow a range of different accounts and hashtags to try to get a balanced representation of diverse content and opinions. Good follows: Edutopia, Mindshift KQED, Hechinger Report, Modern Learners, @adammgrant, @mizuko, @mdawriter, #educolor, #edequity

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Melissa Garner

First I work on staying up to date on the tools ORVSD supports - all things NROC (EdReady, Hippocampus, and installed courses), ESRI, SketchUp Pro, and - to a lesser extent - Google.

Past that, it’s mostly books and links that get forwarded. My horizons are pretty short right now.

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Amy Gertenrich-Dwyer

I use several, but mainly… - Google Product Update Blogs & Forums - Steegle’s Google Site Blog, - Alice Keeler’s site - Twitter - Common Sense Media - POBs (Peers Over Beers…lol)!

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Amber Utter

My main way to stay current is to stay active in twitter chat #tosachat #gafechat #connectEDtl and to reach out to friends in teaching

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Morgan Cottle

This group is an excellent way to stay up to date and current! I also rely on my PLN through twitter @mocottletech. Some of the lists I belong to include the ASCD Learning Community and the EdWeek Update. Both great resources of information.

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Alex Allen

Twitter is my main way to keep up, along with a few email subscriptions and list serves, on a daily basis.

The Ed Tech Cadre, Oregon Google Summit, IntegratEd PDX and ACPE are the annual events I participate in to help me keep up with digital learning.

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Eric Nichols

Twitter! Relationships, relationships, relationships

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Dave Courtney

I subscribe to a few professional, online journals to stay up to date. Mainly for personal usage of apps or programs, I listen to my friends and coworkers. I don’t have time to research every new thing that comes along.

I look forward to the information that will be gleaned from this group also.

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Jess Roberts

It seems that I am always seeking new sites for referential learning. I personally like what discusses, but use other sites for material or content - and I am continuously looking for informed and tested approaches to learning. One goal I bring with me this week is the identification of pedagogical resources that are based on research data.

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Wes Estvold

I’m always on the lookout for new and innovative ways that technology is being use. I follow some great people on Twitter, and subscribe to some educational technology blogs. I depend on events like this and IntegratED to get many of my new thoughts and ideas!

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Jessica Hageman

I stay up to date by the relationships I build with others. I also look on Facebook, twitter, and I go to any conferences that have to do with technology. I also use my husband who is in it to stay up to date. I have gone to IntegrateED and loved it. I listen to others and what they have discovered.

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Linda Saling

Twitter, ISTE, Oregon Ed Tech, and connecting with other educators.

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Tod Johnston

I’m following a lot of math blogs now including dy/dan (, graham fletcher (, and #MTBoS and #Iteachmath. I enjoy reading Alice Keeler to stay current with Google.

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Caitlin Ponzetti

I read/follow lots of sources, some of my favorites: Edutopia, Blogs (Cult of Pedagogy, Alice Keelers, George Couros), Friday Institute, Twitter Feeds, Flipboard Articles, IntegratED, Cadre, ISTE, …

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Dalton Sheets

Most of the ideas and technological resources I find are on Facebook, which is probably the only reason I continue to subscribe. I also follow some fellow cadre members on Twitter and subscribe to any people they do. My colleagues also tend to be valuable resources as we share any new website or application that we find to be useful.

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Jennifer Larson

I stay up to date on digital learning by swapping ideas with colleagues around my district as well as other districts. I also use Twitter to follow authors and speakers as well as organizations. I look forward to learning from my Cadre colleagues as well!

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Brady Strutz

I stay up to date on digital learning by doing research on tools, strategies, and programs brought to me by teachers, students, and administrators in the district. Professional Development opportunities in and out of the district are another way I stay up to date. I also keep a folder of bookmarks to my favorite helpful sites that I turn to frequently.

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Christie Boen

Feedly is my go-to for staying up to date on digital learning where I subscribe to Cult of Pedagogy, Teacher Tech, Free Tech for Teachers, Ditch that Textbook and a few others. I also look to Twitter and of course Cadre is a great resource.

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Jean Gritter

Colleagues within my district and around the state, Future Ready Librarians, NCCE, Twitter, EdWeb, Common Sense Media, a few Google+ groups, a bunch of email lists, and (of course) Cadre / IntegratED.

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Misty Jackson

I get information from several sources including Canvas (even though we haven’t officially adopted it), ISTE, and Common Sense Media. I also get great links from tech-savvy teachers within the district!

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Shawn Farrens

I receive serval list serves from various educational organizations and pay special attention to the articles that deal with virtual and digital education.

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Whitney Harvey

In the past, I have gotten my fill annually at the National CUE Conference (Computer Using Educators) every March. This, along with collaborating with colleagues…really smart and techy colleagues! Following this thread to grab onto a bunch of resources everyone else thinks are amazing. Cadre is helpful already and I haven’t even gotten there yet! :)

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Justin Huntley

I stay up to date on digital learning as best I can through conferences, colleagues, social media, and a variety of publications both electronically and traditional mailers.

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Cindy Drouhard

On Twitter, I enjoy following Alice Keeler, Kasey Bell, EdTech K-12 Magazine, EdSurge and more. EdWeb has been a fabulous source for webinars and I love that I can save the recordings for a time that works for me. Along those same lines, I enjoy listening to podcasts such as Google Teacher Tribe during my commute or on a walk, and of course conferences such as NCCE are valuable experiences.

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Tim Chase

Mostly from you’s guys. I set up a Twitter feed that is restricted to my Oregon PDC friends’ posts. Into my email come updates from Canvas Jive, Google Suites,, OCSTA. And I enjoy networking at regional conferences: iPDX, NWeLearn, OCUG, and DesignCon are my favs.

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Heather Marrs

Twitter is my number one way of staying up to date. I moderate the #OrEdChat where we are starting a book study on Innovator’s Mindset by George Couros next Sunday at 8:30pm. I also participate in other edchats like #xplap, #3rdchat #tlap #LearnLAP #LeadLAP, #EduSnaps, #BookSnaps, #MakeItReal, #teamBCSD. I also read many Dave Burgess Publishing books, read blogs by Michael Matera, Tisha Richmond, Tara Martin, Laura Steinbrink, and others. I also attend regional and international conferences like NCCE and ISTE.

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Mike Brown

I subscribe to several technology newsletters like Free Technology for Teachers, Mike Lee at edshelf, and Educational Technology and Mobile Learning. I also visit Edutopia and the Cult of Pedagogy. There are a few colleagues who share ideas that they have learned and a few people from other districts that share information and answer questions.

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Jamie Stiles

How do you stay up to date on digital learning?
Mostly from peers and internal training within my organization

What blogs, twitter accounts, social media, or other resources do you follow to stay up to date? I just wish I had more time! :)

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Angela Theriault

I learn from others around me, social media, and personal research.

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Mary Sizemore

So many sources! Edutopia, Common Sense Media, We Are Teachers, Free Technology for Teachers (Blog), eSchool News (Twitter), ISTE (Twitter and Podcast), EdSurge (Twitter), OETC (Twitter), PBS Teachers (Twitter), 21st Century Teacher (Twitter), Common Sense Ed (Twitter), Ed-Tech K-12 Magazine (Twitter), OpenEd (Twitter), Tech Talk (podcast)

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Christina VanNice

I learn from talking with teachers and other professionals working in education, social media, and attending conferences.

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Erin Rodriguez

EdWeb, follow a few on FB, NCCE, Oregon Google Summit, Cadre!

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Heidi Paullus

So many ways! Reading blogs, listening to podcasts (Cult of Pedogogy, School Leadership Show), following twitter chats and great contributors, and attending conferences like IETA, IntegratED, NCTies. I also feel that cadres and that face to face time to network between educators is the best use of PD time ever.

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Aaron Cooke

I stay current through the various organizations I work/conference with and stay active on several forums. Groups like NCCE, CEC, iNACOL, and others. I also maintain working relationships with a fairly large group of vendors and attend their sessions online and consult with them. One of the best resources that I have are my peer that I work with, or communicate regularly to share best practices with. Although I do subscribe to some LinkedIN and Facebook groups that I read more than respond to I don’t post much . These allow me to meet people I don’t know or who are doing interesting work that I can reach out to to start conversations on topics of interest.