Regional Story Maps

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Melissa Garner

This post contains the resources you'll need for Story Mapping. This is mostly a list of links you will find helpful or essential as you work through this activity.

Melissa and Vanessa's Adventure: Meet the Monuments

Logging in to Cadre's organization: Our organization's address is ( Remember that your login ID is the email address you used during your Cadre registration. If you need the default password, please see Melissa Garner.

ESRI's Story Maps: Home Page. On this page you will find:

  • A collection of featured story maps.
  • A brief description and picture of each kind of story map.
  • A link to create a Story Map of your own. Select the "Create Story" button.
    • Choose a map on the "Pick a Map" screen if you know what you want to use,
    • More likely you'll want to select "Ask the Pros" and use the wizard to help you choose the best one.


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Jess Roberts

Jess Roberts, Kyle McKinney, Kevin Kretschmer, Dalton Sheets, Casey Hampton - Union County -

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Erin Rodriguez Clackamas ESD through Woodburn over to Silver Falls School District by Angie Arends, Ryan Gangwish, Erin Rodriguez and Nancy Griffith.

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Emilee Oja
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Christina VanNice

Hermiston SD: Christina VanNice, Amber Utter, Mindy Barron, Angela Theriault

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Aaron Cooke

SOS Spiders

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Venisha Bahr

Gresham: Erin Shepherd, Elizabeth Rossmiller, Venisha Bahr Albany: Jean Gritter

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Rhiannon Boettcher

Tigard-Tualatin and Sherwood School Districts: Video here