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Ryan Gangwish


I sometimes get questions from my staff members about technology use in the classroom. And I always think to myself, Hmmm…that would be a great question for the CADRE group. However, I never know how to ask the question to all of you. I apologize if this is not the correct format, but I figure someone will lead me to the right spot eventually.

Anyway, here is the question currently: What do you recommend for digital storytelling? When I used to have laptops in my classroom, my students would use Photo Story and they were able to tell a story using pictures they uploaded. I am looking for something similar to that.

I then told him about the following: (only a free trial)

I am sure he wants something free that all of his students could use. He wants them to be able to upload any pictures. Do any of you have any suggestions for something similar he could use?

Thank you in advance.


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Melissa Garner

I’ve also used VoiceThread though it is no longer free to use..

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Joe Buglione

I would suggest StoryBird as another online tool to use for digital storytelling. . This is not a video, but rather an actual book created with images and text.

I would also look at recommendations and ideas from Common Sense Media. Click on Educator tab, then look under the Edtech Reviews and Resources tab.

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Vanessa Clark

Speaking of Common Sense Media... I saw a post from them today about digital journaling and storytelling apps. There are tools for students of all ages in their list!

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Melissa Lim

I’d also recommend the following: Book Creator (now available on Chromebooks), Magisto, Animoto and Google Slides (can insert video you can record from your webcam!).