Leading Questions Discussion

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Vanessa Clark

Choose one of the following questions and post your thoughts from the discussion:

  • What do you hope to get out of Cadre this year?
  • Describe your thinking about how tech is currently used in the classroom.
  • What is an example of a digital tool used in the classroom?
  • How do you know that students are actively learning when using a tech tool?
  • Describe a lesson idea that uses technology to extend student learning.


Sudi Stodola's profile
Sudi Stodola

When I see students communicating with each other, helping each other, and my role in the classroom is more mentor than a lecturer, I believe they are actively involved. I love it when the students involve me in their learning by showing me the stuff they are figuring out.

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Erica Acton

I’m hoping to learn a new tool that I can implement this year with my class. Maybe this week! :)

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Matthew Jumago

I would like to learn more about teaching and supporting digital citizenship and responsible, socially-aware use of tech.

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Rob Singleton

Learn instructional strategies to use with teachers in PD.

Learn from peers on how to navigate the chicken-and-egg balance between effective, strategic planning and timely action.

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Mike Brown

With Technology, you can see what students are learning by the kinds of products they are producing. I also like that students should be able to choose the kind of tools that they might feel are appropriate for sharing what they have learned. Our group also discussed how technology also allows students to be able to reach a wider audience for their learning.

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Heather Marrs

I’m looking forward to collaborating with and learning from other amazing educators from around the state.

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Regina Ligon

I would like to form a PLN with EdTech professionals across the state to share ideas on effective professional development, technology tool recommendations, Google Admin Console guidance and anything else that will inspire teachers to integrate technology into their lesson plans.

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Vince Dye

A lesson that moves the students into the redefinition level of technology use and also to higher Bloom’s levels. Collaboration and exploration.

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Erin Rodriguez

I enjoyed the conversation around how we see that students are actively learning while using a tech tool. We should definitely seek evidence of the learning that is happening.

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Amy Gertenrich-Dwyer

Our young ones (K/1 students) often struggle with reading. I have used Google Slides with limited text instructions that can be read to the students using Read/Write (free for teachers and basic features free for students). These slides can also have videos of screencasts teacher make to help guide them.

These are perfect for independent learning centers/stations that allow teachers to work with other students.

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Kristin Montagano

Teachers can tell a student is actively engaged with a Tech Tool when they are talking amongst one another about what they are creating. They are asking questions and working on a final product to show they have met the learning target for the activity.

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Aaron Cooke

This year I am looking for ideas to help strengthen the Southern Oregon EDTech Cadre. We have new funding and support for the group to engage with each other and I am tasked with facilitation of the group from the ESD.

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Melissa Rigby

I appreciate how I am able to monitor students while using tech in my classroom. Using engaging tech paired with student talk allows me to listen/see student engagement/learning…this has given me many more opportunities to work 1:1 with students in my room.

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Carisa Ketchen

Timely and effective tools to use to bring back to my staff.

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Mary Sizemore

I hope to get out of Cadre this year: tools to use with students and share with staff, ways to get staff excited for PD and instructional tools they can use with their students, and to network with other like-minded educators.

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Peggy Thornton

I am looking for tech strategies and tools to take back to my District. I am focused on take-aways that can be used across the curriculum and at various grade levels. I am particularly interested in tools to help teachers differentiate content for students in order to address different learning styles along with rate and level.

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Tim Chase

How do you know that students are actively learning when using a tech tool?

When the students are CREATING something! I have devoted lots of time to grappling with questions about how students can demonstrate learning, because I only teach in online environments. The teacher-student interactions that most education literature takes for granted is entirely missing in my environment, and so I’ve been forcibly pushed into a really beautiful place of needing students to demonstrate their learning in creative ways (and now I’ll never go back).

We’re studying The Tempest? Students create —- a Google Map of the island with scenes and information about the location. We’re studying ROI and real estate finances? Students create —- a recorded “pitch” in which they sell a property to real estate investors and explain the upside potential of an income-producing property.

If we’re studying it, my go-to question is “What can a student create to demonstrate his learning?”

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Nichole Carter

Describe your thinking about how tech is currently used in the classroom.

Ironically we are moving forward in leaps and bounds in some pockets, but I am sometimes also reminded frequently that we have even larger pockets of teachers that still don’t know how to sign into things, or open documents. Which is now an issue of equity.

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Jessica Hageman

I want to get a lot of strategies to take back to my teachers about how to use technology more effectively in the classroom. Technology is currently used in classrooms, but not to its potential and impact. A digital tool I use in my class is Epic. I use it to get students to demonstrate reading comprehension through documents I create and then they post on google classroom. I know students are actively learning by the products they are creating. I recently created a google doc for students to fill out using character traits. They were able to get on Epic, read a book, identify the main character, label traits, and then find evidence in the story to support their answer. Students screen shot the evidence and then crop the evidence and place in the google doc.

Nick Culbertson's profile
Nick Culbertson

What do you hope to get out of Cadre this year?

I am hoping to learn some valuable strategies and tools that I can bring back to my school. I work with teachers who have a range of skills from beginner to expert and i want to be able to help them implement a new 1-to-1 model in our school.

Tracy Schmiedeberg's profile
Tracy Schmiedeberg

I am hoping to get lots of information out of this cadre. I am an old dog learning new tricks. I am currently on the district tech committee helping make decisions and recommendations for the entire district, Since I have mostly knowledge about the things I use in my limited world of a small elementary classroom in a small rural school, I need to learn more about what is out there in a larger scope. This cadre will help me expand my knowledge base and keep me current with new innovations and uses for technology. I am hoping to connect with people who can help our isolated district find resources since we have a very high poverty level. Lastly and perhaps most importantly, I want to be able to prepare my students for the future world which will certainly involve technology, and allow them to be prepared to compete or work with their peers who come from already enriched learning environments.

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Sonia Lulay

How do you know that students are actively learning when using a tech tool?

Students are creating something new based on their acquired knowledge through meaningful academic discussions.

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Justin Huntley

What I hope to get from Cadre: I very much enjoy and hope to continue to build a network around the state of Tech Guru’s I can call when needed. I also love learning new tools and tricks from all of you.

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Jennifer Larson

I know student are truly learning when the tool disappears and conversations are about the learning/content. Also, when students discover when to use a tool in different situations.

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Kyle Dickey

I’m interested in learning about the tools or utilities educators are interested in, in hopes to know what they’re talking about next time they ask me about a platform.

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Brady Strutz

How do you know when students are actively learning when using technology?

One indicator is when the tool disappears and students are past working on how to use the tool and are into the phase of actively engaging in the critical thinking work.