ISTE Student Standards Review

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Vanessa Clark

Post the sentence you came up with that recaps the ISTE Student Standards in this thread.


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Terra Nelson

Moving students from digital citizenship to digital leadership, inciting their passions to make positive change. #sweethomestrong

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Colleen Henry


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Jennifer Gingerich

The ISTE Standards for Students are designed to empower digitally literate student voices and ensure that learning is a student-driven process where technology tools are used to create and connect to a global community.

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Elizabeth Rossmiller

Empowering learners to collaborate, innovate, and communicate as a global citizen.

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Melissa Garner

Students develop agency and construct knowledge that matters to them. ~Mosey & Cat

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Bret Adkins

ISTE standards for students mean that educational communities can grow empowered digital citizens that can construct knowledge, design, and think computationally, as well as safely communicate locally and globally.

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Jennifer Scypinski

Students are empowered to collaborate responsibly while being innovative creators of information.

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Mike Brown

Students are digital citizens, empowered to design, construct, and think while communicating locally and globally.

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Jessica Hageman

Students set personal learning, build networks and utilize technologies to demonstrate and reflect on their learning.

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Jason Clark

Students design their learning while teachers guide and encourage their curation and creativity.

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Sudi Stodola

ISTE-aligned educators work hard to empower students as they construct knowledge in innovative and creative ways and use that knowledge to collaborate with other global-minded digital citizens of the world.

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Justin Huntley

In a technology rich environment, students must be empowered with the skills and knowledge to navigate the constantly changing educational landscape with agency!

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Tim Chase

Students become innovative collaborators in a global, digital world.