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Melissa Lim

Post the title of your reality TV show in the coments of this post.


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Teresa Heide

Thrift Store Life Coaching! Join us to dance into any sticky situation. You’ll learn the latest dances, cooking techniques, organization, and overall energizing your life in a positive manner. Heather Marrs, Jennifer Scypinski, Koreen Barreras, Teresa Heide

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Jessica Hageman

Remember When… Join us to watch adults attempt to do things they use to do when they were kids. By: Carisa, Kara, Brooke, and Jessica

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Mary Sizemore

Happy Hours * follow our group of teachers as they embark on using their spare time to rejuvenate their souls and their skills* Producers & participants: Regina Ligon, Mary Sizemore, Brandye Rawles, Ryan Zeedyk

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Tim Chase

Classroom Makeover

Tune in to see what happens when a team of IT, Pedagogy, and Design/Flow experts level up a receptive teacher’s classroom.

Tim Chase, Justin Huntley, Laura Resnick, Francisco Zavala

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Bryan Freschi

Better. Smarter. Faster. - A real life look at teaching and learning

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Mike Brown

Cooking Woof Power Tools: “Knife Skills Required” A show that brings cooking, Dogs, Power Tools, and knife Skills in the same room.

Jennifer G., Carolyn K., Melissa L, and Mike B.

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Erin Rodriguez

Adventures in Jammies - Sometimes you don’t want to get up for the day and sometimes you want to go on adventures. Sometimes you have adventures while you’re still in your jammies.

Caitlin Ponzetti, Sonia Lulay, Vince Dye, & Erin Rodriguez

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John Craft

Gamify My Life Get real “life points” for doing the things you love to do outside of work. Nick Peggy Tisha John

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Cat Nostrand

Star T.E.C.K. Tracy Erica Cat Kyle

Boldy go… support innovation and integration