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Peggy Thornton

One of our English teachers has asked me if there is a way in Google Classroom that she can record all the traits from the ODE scoring guide to an assignment or can she only provide a score on one trait to the student without having the student submit the same piece of writing multiple times, does anyone know the answer? Thanks.


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Vanessa Clark

Hi Peggy - I’m not familiar enough with Google Classroom to know the answer to this, but you might consider asking this question in the Google+ Educator community: GEG::OREGON as well. If you find out the answer, it would be great if you posted it here as well!

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Jessica Hageman

Peggy- There is a way. There is an app that she can download where it will put the scoring guide at the bottom of each assignment, plus she can leave a recorded message of the students work that only they can hear. It is called doctopus I believe. I will look it up and get back to you.