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Eric Nichols

As in the past one of my reasons for being a member of cadre is to network. Who is that person that I can call when I have a technology issue? Who is that person that I can call when I need some tech teaching ideas? Who is the person I can call to refer me to the other person who knows the answer to where the yellow button is on the page that nobody knows how to get to? Who are those ppl that can call me if they have questions on tech or school improvement stuff? I hope that I can create some relationships that benefit both me and the school districts that I serve as well as provide a benefit for others.

Secondly, a big thank you to Joe Buglione, Heidi Paulus, Tim Welch, Steve Prull, Zach Knapp, Dan Massimino and a host of others who have helped to put on a technology conference in Burns, Oregon over the last several years. If you are interested in making the trip to Burns to present to a budding group of rural educators…give me a shout! This is your formal…or not so formal invite for April 1, 2016. If not interested in presenting then come check out the beautiful Steens Mountains, do some fishing, some birding or other outdoor activity and take in a tech conference as well.