Do you have a Creative Use for Technology in the Classroom?

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Andy O'Neill

Hello everyone!

My name is Andy and I am a youth mentor and professional development specialist at a non-profit called the Digital Harbor Foundation in Baltimore, Maryland. Over the past few years we have heard a lot of great stories from Maryland educators about their creative uses for technology in the classroom.

I am always looking for new connections and stories, so I have made it a personal goal to reach out beyond the State of Maryland and find out how other educators are creatively using technology in the classroom.

I will start by sharing a personal favorite project of mine from a Maryland educator. This educator found a creative use for 3D Printing to teach a genetics lesson. The students had to apply what they learned about dominant and recessive genes by designing 3D creatures called “Mushkins” with specific traits.

The steps of the project went as follows:

-Each student rolls dice for parent Mushkin: the dice determine traits such as shape (rect or triangle), eyes, hair, nose color, etc. -Students pair with another student and their parent Mushkin. Certain features had dominant / recessive genes. The students tracked these genes and then figured out what the baby Mushkin’s features would be. -The students designed and 3D printed the Mushkins and added features with craft materials.

I have attached a photo so you can see what the end result looked like! The cool thing is this project could also be done without a 3D printer by using simple craft materials to make Mushkins.

Let me know if you liked this project and I look forward to hearing some of your creative technology uses!